Mental health art therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Mental health art therapy worksheet?

Art can capture attention and can be used as a source to communicate. That is why art therapy is found to be an effective tool to create therapeutic alliance with the client, particularly children. Sometimes children find it difficult to open up about their issues or their problems are multi-faceted and it becomes complicated to organize the topics during a therapy session. 

How will the worksheet help?

The purpose of this worksheet is to help the child in opening up during the sessions and also for the therapist to choose the topics for discussion. It will increase the child client’s engagement in the sessions, and help overcome shyness or reluctance.

How to use this worksheet?

The client is asked to connect the dots to form the shape of a star, blindfolded or with tightly shut eyes. The number of precisely connected dots will determine the topic for discussion. In the end, the client is required to fill the disorganized shape they had drawn with the color of their choice.

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