Mental Health Check In Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Mental Health Check In Worksheet?

It is a common occurrence to prioritise our physical health and keep a regular check on it to ensure we are fit and healthy. Our mental health deserves the same care and attention. While it is easy to keep a routine track of physical changes related to our health, the same cannot be said for our mental and emotional health. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help provide a series of questions that an individual can use as a self-analysis for the current status of their mental health. Responses can be compared overtime to highlight any significant changes where help may be required or any issues that need to be addressed.  

How to use the worksheet?

It is advisable to fix a certain time of the day to respond to the given questions. This activity can be done mentally as well as in writing. Note down your responses in the space below and compare your responses overtime to identify any issues that need your attention. 

Mental Health Check In Worksheet

It is easy to check in on our physical health from time to time. But what about our mental health? Answer these simple questions on a regular basis to ensure you are fully aware of any changes in your mental health that need your attention.

How am I feeling today? Label and rate your emotions. Notice negative and challenging as well as positive and productive emotions. Notice any physical signs that could indicate stress, anxiety or depression. 

What am I worried about? Note down all the things that have been worrying you recently. Identify the stressors and triggers so you can address them appropriately

How am I taking care of my body? Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Write down how you have been taking care of your body. Write down any unhelpful habits that are causing a negative impact on your physical health. Sometimes mental health issues make it difficult for us to take care of our physical health. 

How am I trying to stay positive/happy? Write down your active efforts of thinking positively or doing something that makes you happy. It is a huge question mark on your mental health if you stop wanting to even try to be positive or haven’t been happy in a long time. 

How is my social support system? It is important for your mental health to keep a loving, caring and trustworthy support system that is readily available to you in need. 

You can download this worksheet here.

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