Mental health coping skills worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Mental health coping skills worksheet?

This coping flashcard is developed by Jeffrey E. Young, founder of schema therapy. The fear of failure is a belief that may develop after a traumatic past event or criticisms from primary caregivers or other significant relationships. This deeply rooted belief refrains an individual from achieving their goals and further leading up to other mental health problems

How will the worksheet help?

The aim of this worksheet is to help the client with fear of failing in having an instant access to the coping strategy that they devised during therapy sessions. Whenever this belief is triggered, the clients have to only look at the flashcard and they will be able to work on it effectively. 

How to use this worksheet?

Fill the spaces below with appropriate responses wth the help of your therapist. Describe your feelings,triggers, your belief, its origin, distortion, negative view as well as the healthy coping response. Use it as a take-home reminder

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