Mental health crisis management plan worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Mental health crisis management plan worksheet?

People with mental illnesses or emotional disorders often suffer from recurrent crises that significantly impact not just them but the people around them as well. Having a written plan in place makes it easier for others to handle the situation and increases the likelihood of receiving the right care. 

Minnesota law defines a mental health crisis as a “behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric situation which, but for the provision of crisis response services, would likely result in significantly reduced levels of functioning in primary activities of daily living, or in an emergency situation, or in the placement of the recipient in a more restrictive setting, including but not limited to, inpatient hospitalization.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help in making a comprehensive mental health crisis management plan. Copies of the same can be provided to the individual’s family, friends, neighbours and/or any associated organisation where they work. 

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