Mentor Expectations worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

This worksheet is based on the Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction paradigm, which explains how positive or negative expectations of an event or thing will influence the outcome’s satisfaction/dissatisfaction (Aurier & Guintcheva, 2014).

How will the worksheet help?

The present worksheet will help practitioners, mentors, and mentees to discover unrealistic and realistic expectations regarding mentorship.

How to use the worksheet?

 As a mentor, it is necessary to have realistic expectations from the mentee, as this individual is still searching to make a way in a new field. Sometimes mentors ask too much from their mentees, as they want to strive as soon as possible. 

The following worksheet helps you separate realistic expectations from unrealistic ones. Complete the following exercises.

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Aurier, P., & Guintcheva, G. (2014). Using Affect–Expectations Theory to Explain the Direction of the Impacts of Experiential Emotions on Satisfaction. Psychology and Marketing, 31(10), 900-913.