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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

The following worksheet is based on a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MCBT) approach. This approach combines methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meditative techniques in order to help practitioners deal with their psychological problems (Manjaly & Iglesias, 2020).

How will the worksheet help

This worksheet will teach clients how to be more grounded in the present moment in order to regulate their emotions and help them deal with their psychological problems.

How to use the worksheet

Mindfulness is a technique focused on attention to and acceptance of present experience, being associated with a wide range of positive mental and physical health outcomes such as increased positive emotions and decreased insulin. Mindful people focus more on the moment and pay less attention to the past or future and, on top of that, they experience the present with less judgment and evaluation (Meier et al., 2022).

Use the following table to help you remember to practice mindfulness at least once a day. Practicing being mindful in this manner simply involves making an intentional effort to be more aware and present as you go through daily activities throughout your day. Write down the thoughts, sensations, and mood after the exercise.

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