Minecraft therapy worksheet

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(Productivity and focus for unmotivated clients)

What is the theory behind this Minecraft therapy worksheet?

Productivity and mental health go hand-in-hand. Mentally distressed individuals find it hard to focus on their daily tasks and responsibility. Similarly, when helping a client to gain back a sense of agency, we work on their productivity skills. Inability to perform the task at hand creates feelings of overwhelm and helplessness. Resistant people, specifically children, find it difficult to motivate themselves to be productive.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet is based on the core principle of the popular game Minecraft. The gamer is supposed to construct their universe through small available resources (e.g. building blocks). Likewise, the client will be able to break the larger task into smaller practicable chunks and utilize the available resources to complete the task. This worksheet will help unmotivated clients to view their tasks and responsibilities as a game. 

How to use this worksheet

In the table below write the name of your task/goal in its respective column. Then break the task into smaller reasonable chunks that can be achieved in less time. Below the chunks, write the resources you are going to use for completing the task. Also write the strategies to deal with the obstacles you are going to face. Note the realistic time it will take to perform these tasks. Picture yourself playing the game of Minecraft. The pictorial symbols from the game will help you visualize your tasks like building blocks used in the original game. 

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