Mood worksheet

The following exercise is aimed at improving your mood by making you visualize and write a positive future (Carrillo, 2018). 

There are five worksheets to be completed on five successive days, which focus on your family, career, physical/mental health, romantic life, and overall lifestyle.

Before you begin each worksheet, sit back, relax and take a few deep breaths. You need to clear your mind of all the things that have bothered you or worried you during the day.

Take about 10 minutes for each worksheet, and imagine what life would be like in the future if you were the best possible version of yourself in each of these scenarios. What would life be like? Thinking in as much detail as possible, write down what life would look like in this situation. There is no need to worry about grammar or spelling; just write about whatever comes to your mind. You might imagine that you’ve accomplished an important milestone or achieved a lifelong goal. Be positive yet realistic. For example, rather than imagining that you become the next president of France the next day, you could imagine that you have been successful in your career and that you are living happily with your family.

Mood worksheet

DAY 1 – Imagine the best possible family life that you could have in five years. Think about your actual relatives, as well as friends who are close enough to consider family. Maybe you live close to your parents. Perhaps your children are grown but are still close to you. Or maybe you are spending a great deal of time with people you care about. Be realistic while you imagine all the possible ways you could enjoy your family and close friends.


 DAY 2 – Write about the best possible career or job you could have five years from now. Maybe you are finally in that position you have worked so hard for the past years. Maybe you are working in the field of work you always wanted to be part of. Where are you working? And with who? What are the benefits of the job career?

DAY 3 – Write about the best possible physical and mental health you could experience in the next five years. Maybe you lost weight, or on the contrary, you gained weight just like you wanted to. Perhaps you are practicing some activities that give you new meaning in your life. How do you look? How do you feel? What things are you doing to contribute to your ongoing state of good health?

 DAY 4 – Write about the best possible romantic life you could have in 5 years. Maybe you are in a relationship that gives you a new level of intimacy and happiness. If you already have a spouse or a significant other, what kind of fulfilling relationship do you have with them? If you don’t have a significant other in your life right now, what do you imagine your romantic life like?

DAY 5 – Write about the best possible lifestyle that you could have in 5 years. Maybe you found a balance between work and leisure activities that bring you joy. Perhaps you have hobbies and activities that are meaningful. What is happening in your community and social life? What are the things that fulfill your life?

You can download this worksheet here.

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