Motivation Worksheet- My Motivators

 What is the theory behind this motivation worksheet?

Motivation is the driving force behind all our actions. It forms the basis of the goals we set for ourselves and the actions we take to achieve them. According to Deci and Ryan’s ‘Self-Determination Theory’, motivation can be intrinsic (based on personal needs, values, beliefs) or it can be extrinsic (external rewards such as a praise or something tangible). Goal achievement is possible when there is a balance between the two with a slight more emphasis on intrinsic motivation. 

One of the ways to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals is to make a habit of visualising them. It is the process of imagining or creating mental images of where you want to be or what you want to achieve in the future.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will provide a step by step guide into making a vision board. It can help both children and adults alike to visualise their motivations and  where they see themselves sometime in the future. A vision board helps inspire and act as a daily reminder of one’s goals thus keeping them focused and motivated.  

How to use the worksheet?

This guide can be used with children and adults to help them make their own vision boards.  It provides an idea of how to make one but the entire process and end result depends completely on the individual’s own creativity and preferences. Once the idea is understood, the next page can be used to plan a rough layout and brainstorm the content for the vision board. 

Motivation Worksheet My Motivators

  • What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection or collage of images, photographs,  quotes and words which symbolise your motivations and the goals you want to achieve.

  • How will it help me?
  • It can keep you focused on your goals
  • Daily reminder of your motivations – reasons to achieve those goals
  • help you focus on the bigger picture whenever you are let down by small setbacks. 
  • The process of making one can bring clarity to your goals and motivations
  • It can keep you accountable in your journey
  • What do I need? 
  • a card sheet or anything that can be used as a base for the board. It can even be a wall in your room or your cupboard!
  • Any images, photographs, cutouts for quotes or words that you can directly or indirectly associate with your motivations and goals for the future. 
  • Everything that goes on the board must be vivid, colourful and eye-catching. 
  • Some tape or any appropriate material for pasting,
  • What should it contain?
  • Specific, realistic, achievable goals – Take some time to reflect on your goals 
  • Your motivations for achieving those goals – List down all the reasons WHY you want to achieve this goal. What is driving you? What are you hoping to get by the end of it?
  • Inspirational quotes – think of your favourite book, movies, inspiring people
  • Images of people, places or things that motivate you- could be magazine cutouts or printed pictures
  • Powerful, positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself daily – include emotions that represent how you want to feel for e.g
  • I am strong
  • I am loved
  • I am in control
  • I can do anything I put my mind to
  • I believe in myself and my abilities
  • Where should I put it?
  • It should be placed in plain sight, somewhere it can be viewed daily – perhaps your kitchen counter or office desk, or dressing table. 

Use the next page to plan a layout of your vision board


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You can download this worksheet here.

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