My Fears Worksheet

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What is the theory behind My Fears Worksheet?

According to the theory of evolution and psychoanalysis,  fear is can be considered to be an instinctual and profound emotion that involves physiological and emotional reactions. However, when the degree of fear is out of proportion to the actual threat it can cause distress and disturbances. There are many strategies to cope with your fears by managing the behavioral, psychological, physical, and emotional symptoms effectively. However, in order to work on your fears, you will first need to acknowledge and accept your fears and then you can work on them effectively.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help clients to identify their fears, acknowledging and accepting them. After identifying their fears, clients can build a better understanding of what physical, emotional, and behavioral effects this particular fear can have on them, and this way they will be able to learn to manage them effectively. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will ask you questions related to the bodily, emotional, and behavioral changes that you experience in fearful situations. While completing this worksheet you need to answer every question honestly and mindfully about how this particular fear makes you feel. You can take a printout of this worksheet and complete it whenever you are ready to explore, acknowledge, and accept your fears.


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