Narrative therapy worksheet

What is the theory behind Narrative therapy worksheet?

Narrative therapy helps the clients to have a personal narrative of their life events. Rather than looking at haphazard, meaningless occurrences, clients get an overview of structured events. This therapy helps individuals to ascribe meaning to all the events they had in their life. and give them a positive narrative structure. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help the clients in being reflective of their life. By looking at their story like an outsider, they will be able to figure out the problems and solutions easily. Having an objective view will help with self-awareness. 

How to use this worksheet?

In this worksheet, clients are required to think about all the events that happened in their life uptil now and give them titles as per their choice. Suppose your life is a bestselling novel and you have opened the index page containing all the list of the chapters. Every chapter contains a big life event from the beginning till now. How would you title every chapter?

Narrative therapy worksheet

Write down the name of the chapters one by one and also in front of it write a one liner description of what the chapter is about.

(E.g.  The Snow Show – the first time i witnessed snowfall on my honeymoon)

Table of contents

Chapters Summary

You can download this worksheet here.

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