Negative self talk: Stop negative self talk about your body worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Negative self talk: Stop negative self talk about your body worksheet?

The way we talk to ourselves directly affects our mental health. Positive self talk boosts our self esteem and motivates us to solve our problems. Similarly, negative self-talk makes us believe that we are incapable of achieving our potential and do not deserve to have desirable things in life. One thing most people commonly do is have a dismissive view about our bodies. Due to influence from media and unrealistic beauty standards influenced by media, we look at our self from those set standards that leads us towards mental health problems like eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorders etc

How will the worksheet help?

The purpose of this worksheet is to make clients realize the positive things about their bodies. Once they start being grateful about their bodies, the negative self talk regarding this decreases. Clients will also be able to reflect on the influences they have regarding body image.

How to use this worksheet?

Fill in the hearts below with the required information. Think about all the times the shape, type and size of your body helped you in something in life. We don’t give our body the credit it deserves.

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