Negative Self-talk Worksheet: Identifying Negative Self-talk Triggers

What is the theory behind this Negative Self-talk worksheet: Identifying Negative Self-talk Triggers?

Self talk or intrapersonal language is an inner dialogue that is common in people of all ages. Whether it is done out loud or whispered within the heart, self talk has the power to influence our thoughts, emotions and subsequent actions. While positive self-talk can serve as a motivator and mood lifter in difficult circumstances, negative self-talk about future worries or past failures has been associated with anxiety and depression. 

It is thus important to identify and be aware of what triggers a negative dialogue within oneself so that the factors can be thoroughly analysed and overcome.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you identify the many factors that could be acting as triggers for the negative internal dialogue that is limiting and undermining your capabilities. It is important to be aware of these triggers so that you can form a strategy to cope with them in the future. 

How to use the worksheet?

Whenever you feel like your inner critic is influencing your negative self-talk, tell yourself to stop for a moment and observe the situation around you. Use this worksheet to write down all the characteristics of that situation. Reflect on what could have triggered the negative self-talk and if there are any similarities with previous situations. 

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