Night conflicts worksheet answer

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Paying attention to positive thoughts has many benefits. According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, continued practice may help rewire your brain, cope better with stress, and reduce your anxiety.

If you are troubled by anxious thoughts, you must accept them rather than fighting or avoiding them. You can tolerate anxious thoughts if you understand they are just thoughts and cannot hurt you. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help you reduce anxiety and develop a sense of well-being by thinking positively. Some activities are focused on reducing anxiety and others focus on problem-solving.

How to use the worksheet?

Get a journal and pick an activity from the list if needed. Use one page for each activity. 

Recognize and label your thoughts, observe them, replace anxious thoughts with positive affirmations, describe the activities proposed in detail as if you were writing a story, and let the time pass as you fall asleep.

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