p and q confusion worksheet


What is the theory behind the p and q worksheet?

Letter reversals are not uncommon and can easily be overcome. Writing p as a and q as p is a very common mistake that kids make. In functional reading and writing, it is considered a mistake and it can result in lower self-esteem and lower confidence in children. However, using different effective learning strategies can help a child differentiate between the two letters and learn the alphabet accurately. Children who continue to confuse letters despite remedial efforts need to be evaluated for Dyslexia.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet consists of two parts. The first part can help your children identify and memorize how the two letters look. The other parts can help children to write the alphabet down so they can also have command of making the two alphabets distinctively. It will help them understand the difference between the two letters and master the formation of these two letters. 

How to use this worksheet? 

This worksheet should be used in a printed hard copy. Parents, teachers, and therapists can use this worksheet with their children who face difficulties in identifying these two alphabets. Children may need assistance in reading instruction which can be provided by their parents or teachers. 

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