Parenting Style Worksheet: Self Evaluation

What is the theory behind this Parenting Style Worksheet?

The approaches parents use in raising their child are considered as parenting styles. This includes the attitudes and actions required for the upbringing of a child involving emotions necessary for their psychological and physical growth. It has also been observed that parenting style can have an impact on the child’s relationships with others, physical health, and self-esteem.

How will this worksheet help?

The goal of the worksheets is to assist parents in addressing their child’s needs, fostering better parent-child interactions, and creating conditions that are conducive to healthy growth. Parents can use this to determine their parenting style, which can be classified as Authoritarian, Authoritative or Permissive.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Through this worksheet, self-assessment will be done about the parenting styles by marking the items that describe the best of you. Make a checklist and analyze yourself where your parenting styles are inclined to. This can be discussed with your mental health practitioner for a better understanding of the appropriate parenting.

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