Parts work therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Parts work therapy worksheet?

Every one of us has different subpersonalities within ourselves which come and go occasionally as the need arises. Each of these subpersonalities has its own needs, wants, and demands. 

Three of the major subpersonalities are the Managers, the Exiles, and the Firefighters. Managers enable us to complete the necessary tasks. Exiles are part of us that are in pain. Managers and Firefighters make sure that exiles stay out of our conscious minds. Firefighters get to work when exiles are set free and indulge us in activities to distract us from the pain exiles are bringing us. For example, they might make us work overtime, start drinking a lot, use violence, etc.

How will the worksheet help?

Once we get to know our parts, it can create awareness of many of the behaviors we have adopted to avoid the Exiles. Each of these parts needs to be cared for and loved. With the help of this worksheet, we will accept all of our parts and thank them for the help they have given us for so long.

How to use the worksheet?

We will ask the client to answer the questions given separately for every part. Remind theme to take their time to get to know them individually and understand where they are coming from. Once the client has answered the questions, the therapist will ask the client to thank each of them separately and tell them that they love them because they are all part of their selves.

To make this activity work, do not rush the client and allow them to write in as much detail as possible. 

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