Personal Qualities Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Personal qualities are the characteristics, attributes, or personality traits that make up and reflect who you are. The theory behind this worksheet is grounded in the principle of positive psychology that focuses on human strengths, virtues, and factors that contribute to the fulfillment of life, and therapy may include:

Positive psychotherapy- emphasis on building an individual’s strengths, enhancing positive emotions, and cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- that enforces positive thinking and positive self-perception.

How will this worksheet help you?

The aim of this worksheet is to encourage individuals to identify and reflect on the personal traits that define them, foster a realistic self-perception and overcome the weakness that promotes overall well-being.

How should you use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be used to identify and reflect on one’s personal traits and strengths to foster a realistic self-perception and overall well-being.

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