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What is the theory behind this Physical therapy worksheets?

Physical therapy is a holistic therapeutic approach that incorporates theories and techniques from physical therapy and psychotherapy. It concentrates on the idea that the root of many mental and emotional problems people face, is a division between the mind, body, and spirit. Physical therapy combined with psychologically oriented treatments that focus on maladaptive cognitions, emotions, or behaviour is more efficient than physical treatment alone. Physical therapists aim to actively involve the body and mind during all phases of psychotherapy because they are convinced that the physical body is crucial in fostering psychological well-being. 

How will the worksheet help?

The first step in physical therapy is awareness. Somatic awareness assists in increasing awareness of the many bodily sensations, how the body performs in normal situations, how it reacts to changes in the environment and potential modifications one may make to enhance bodily function.This worksheet will give clients awareness about physical therapy and provide techniques to help decrease chronic stress levels and restore equilibrium to the body in addition to helping with pain management.  

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapists can use this worksheet with clients to give them awareness about the connection of mind and body. It can be used during sessions to teach clients some techniques to deal with their issues. 

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