Processing Emotions Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Processing Emotions Worksheet?

It has been observed that people are not much aware of their feelings and sometimes we ignore how we feel. During therapy, therapists try to work on emotional processing and create a health awareness to identify their emotions and reflect on them and transform them into healthy ones. Emotional regulation is required to work on clients’ misconceptions about their emotions and health regulation helps them adopt positive coping.

How will the worksheet help?

Worksheets will help clients to deal with their emotions adequately. Worksheets will help clients to identify their inner and outer feelings and help them regulate those feelings by acknowledging them. Further, it will cater to clients’ misconceptions about experiencing negative emotions by creating acceptance of both positive and negative emotions.

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct clients to write about any situation. Then ask them to write how they feel inside and how they are reacting emotionally outside. Ask them to write about their thoughts about experiencing negative emotions. Ask them to write encouraging lines about accepting self along with negative emotions and last instruct them to write what activity and switch their mood and rate how it will make them feel inside and outside.

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