Pros and Cons Worksheet 

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What are the theories behind this worksheet?

The Pros and Cons Worksheet is founded on the concepts of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), a goal-oriented and strengths-based treatment. 

To support good transformation, SFBT stresses the discovery of existing strengths, resources, and effective tactics. 

The worksheet is meant to be SFBT-compliant by having tables that explore both the positive and negative elements of a specific circumstance.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will assist users in gaining a thorough grasp of your issue via the perspective of SFBT. 

You may harness your talents and effective tactics to solve obstacles by thoroughly evaluating the good and negative elements.

How should you use this worksheet?

Users can use this worksheet to state the circumstance or problem at hand. Then, start with the Positive 

Aspects table to highlight current strengths and resources. Proceed to the table of Successful Strategies to uncover historical accomplishments and useful ways. Proceed to the tables to identify problems and potential triggers.

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