Questions to build your marriage worksheet

What is the theory behind this Looking after your mental health worksheet? 

Marriage is the commitment of two individuals to live their lives with. As a couple, we may support one another as we become closer over time and enjoy that warmth. According to research, social support cannot readily replace the support in the married relationship. However, when things are not working, the situation may deteriorate. Couples counselling and Cognitive behavioural couple therapy can be a great approach to get back together with your partner or work through your issues. 

How will the worksheet help?

A married relationship is a tricky relationship.  No other individual in our adult lives, besides ourselves, has as much of an impact on our well-being and health as our spouse. The worksheet will give insight to couples about their problems, how to deal with them and the importance of communication.      

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapists can use this worksheet with clients during couple counselling sessions to make them able to look at things from a new perspective in a relationship.  

  Questions to build your marriage worksheet

The list of some questions is given below. Read the questions carefully and talk about these questions with your parnter.  

What problems are you facing in your marriage?
If you look back, can you figure out when and why the problem started. 
Do you believe you make your marriage better?
What do you expect from your partner to make your marriage better?
Are there any past events that still bother you?
What are the things that you find good in your marriage?
What are the happy memories of time you spent together?
What are the qualities of your partner that you apprecite.
Imagine a day when you wake up, you find your partner the same as you want him/her to be. What changes have you observed in your partner?
 How do you imagine our marriage in one, five, or ten years?   
How do you feel after discussion?describe in detail. Are you willing to make changes to make your marriage better? What changes are you willing to make in yourself for your partner? 

You can download this worksheet here.

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