Readiness Ruler Worksheet PDF

What is the theory behind this Readiness Ruler Worksheet PDF?

A Readiness Ruler is a tool used in therapy to help clients assess the current levels of their readiness or willingness to work toward achieving their goals. It is a tool often used in Motivational Interviewing and is based on the stages of the change model according to which people go through various stages when they decide to bring about a behavioural change. Assessing readiness to change at any point on their journey can help in planning effective strategies to keep them motivated..  

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help an individual explore and assess their readiness to change a specific behaviour using the readiness ruler. This worksheet will help them explore their reasoning for wanting to change and think about practical steps that they can take to begin this journey. The readiness rating will help them assess where they currently stand and what they can do to achieve this change quickly. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used multiple times throughout therapy to help individuals who are seeking to achieve certain behavioural changes in their lives. Instruct them to first describe their goal as specifically as possible then move on to answering related questions. Inform them about how the readiness rating can be used to assess their motivation levels throughout their journey.

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