Reality versus expectations worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

This worksheet is based on the Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction paradigm, which explains how individuals form beliefs about a thing or event and those beliefs influence ulterior judgments (Aurier & Guintcheva, 2014). 

How will the worksheet work?

The present worksheet will help practitioners assist their clients by familiarizing them with their unrealistic beliefs. By adjusting the expectations to the current reality, it is easier to interact with others and the world. 

How to use the worksheet?

“Happiness equals reality divided by expectations” (Tom Magliozzi). Usually, there is a gap between what we expect from our future (or even present) and what the raw reality is. 

To avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction people need to adjust their expectations to their current situation/ environment; think you could adjust the sails so you can navigate the waters in various conditions. You can either adapt to your reality or lower your expectations. 

The following worksheet will help you decide the best strategy to improve your life and make changes. Fill in the exercises with brief sentences.

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Aurier, P., & Guintcheva, G. (2014). Using Affect–Expectations Theory to Explain the Direction of the Impacts of Experiential Emotions on Satisfaction. Psychology and Marketing, 31(10), 900-913.