Resolving conflict worksheet

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What is the theory behind this worksheet on resolving conflict? 

Conflict resolution theories provide a framework for understanding and addressing conflicts between individuals, groups, or organizations. The underlying principles of these theories emphasize communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. Theoretically understanding the conflict resolution model will enable individuals to implement it practically.

How will the worksheet help?

Conflict resolution worksheets are made to hand out a proper and organized way of addressing conflicts. They aim to achieve effective communication and problem-solving between two or more parties. Conflict is an inevitable part of life. This worksheet will help in learning how to deal with conflict in life.

How can I use this worksheet?

There are a few guidelines you can use to finish this worksheet. You can adhere to the general steps listed below: 1) Getting things ready 2) Outlining the dispute 3) Identifying emotional responses, 4) Formulating potential solutions 6) Monitoring the implementation of the plan of action and assessing the success of the conflict resolution.

You can download this worksheet here.

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