Resolving Idealizing Transference Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

The theory behind this worksheet is Cognitive Behavioral. The worksheet is a self-rating tool that encourages self-awareness. Once awareness is achieved and after assessment by the counsellor of his situation, it is up to him to translate it behaviorally. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet can be used by the counsellor dealing with idealizing transference. It can help him prepare and avoid future instances of experiencing transference. It can also help him during encounters with counselees who are exhibiting this kind of transference. 

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet will be filled out by a counselor not necessarily one who is currently dealing with a counselee who has idealizing transference. There are activities in the first column related to the therapy and transference. If the counselee has experienced the said activity, he has to encircle “YES” in the second column. If “NO”, he may answer the third column on how to act upon it. If the activity is not applicable, he/she just has to encircle “N/A”.

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