Respecting Others’ Boundaries Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Respecting others boundaries Worksheet?

Boundaries can be explained as physical, emotional, and interpersonal limits we create between us and others. Nowadays it has been observed that people do not respect each other personal space and indulge in clingy relationships where they have high expectations from their partners or others like friends parents etc. This fusion of boundaries creates interpersonal conflicts and clients lead us towards emotional distress. By creating healthy boundaries we can maintain healthy social relationships.   

How will the worksheet help?

It will help clients have autonomy and help them enhance their social interaction. It gives clients an idea about how they interact socially more acceptably and decently. The client can improve their relationship by having realistic expectations from others and it will help them set fewer expectations. The client can respect others’ privacy. They can save themselves from stress related to impaired interpersonal relationships. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet is will help the client identify their boundary-violating behavior. Instruct the client to think about people with whom they share a bit clingy relationship and react to situations where they have to give space. After identifying of person and their maladaptive behavior finds bout misconceptions associated with boundaries. Ask client to write about their thought on respecting that person’s boundaries. Later ask them to read about tips that how can they respect others’ boundaries and in end write alternate adaptive behavior.  

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