Scoring Worksheet For UCLA PTSD Index

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What is the theory behind this scoring worksheet for UCLA PTSD index?

UCLA PTSD is known as the University of California Los Angeles Post-traumatic reaction index. It is a self-report questionnaire used to screen school-age children and adolescents for traumatic event exposure and to assess PTSD symptoms. The scale measures the frequency with which PTSD symptoms occurred in the previous month.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help therapists to score the assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. The PTSD RI Score workSheet calculates whether DSM-5 criteria for PTSD symptoms, make impairment, and prominent distress cause, as well as whether full diagnostic criteria for PTSD and Dissociative Subtypes are met.

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will be used with PTSD patients to help with diagnosis and treatment. The therapist can use this worksheet to score the UCLA PTSD index. 

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