Self-care assessment worksheet wheel

What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Self-care is taking time to do things that help to improve both physical and mental health. Some underlying principles may draw from theories of “holistic health”- consider multidimensional aspects of health. “Positive psychology cultivates” positive emotions, self-esteem, and overall well-being as it is a key component of promoting mental health.

Therapies may include:

  • Self-monitoring- serves as a practical tool for self-monitoring personal experiences. Promotes a comprehensive and balanced approach to self-care.
  • Mindfulness and Awareness- encourages mindfulness and awareness of emotions by exploring the deeper layers of personal experiences.

How will this worksheet help you?    

This worksheet is designed to guide

  • Self-awareness.
  • Recognizing overall health is influenced by physical, emotional, social, and other dimensions of well-being. 
  • Goal setting for personalized self-care routine. 

How should you use this worksheet?

Individuals can use this worksheet by simply rating some questions and mindfully making strategies to enhance overall well-being as a practical tool to explore and implement healthier choices.

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