Self-Esteem Worksheets for Adults with Mental Illness

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What is the theory behind this Self-Esteem Worksheet for adults with mental illness?

According to theories self-esteem can be defined as positive or negative views about self. The individual’s estimate of their strengths values worth, success and characteristics combined form their self-esteem. When an individual has a negative belief about self and starts questioning themselves it requires self-esteem and has a direct impact on one’s performance. The worksheet has been designed to challenge one’s belief about self.   

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help individuals evaluate their self-critical thoughts. It will help them challenge maladaptive beliefs about self. It will create a positive appraisal which will help them boost confidence and will reduce self-questioning 

How to use the worksheet?

Individuals first require to report their self-critical thoughts and analyze them by collecting evidence of success and failures. Later individuals have to report their coping responses to such thoughts by answering open-ended questions and lastly, they require to rephrase the thought to generate more healthy cognition.

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