Self-Silencing in School Worksheet

Self-silencing in schools is the source of several problematic academic outcomes, negative emotions (anxiousness, sadness, anger), and maladaptive coping strategies to deal with failures. 

What Are the Theories Behind This Worksheet?

The token reinforcement approach of behavioral therapy got evidence-based recognition in eliminating negative behavior and strengthening positive functioning among students. 

How Will This Worksheet Help you?

This worksheet will help teachers and school counselors to practice reinforcement strategies for building students’ self-esteem and mental health. It will enable them to manage the inappropriate behavior by making it contingent on some relevant outcome and let the students learn the association between desirable behavior and appreciation.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet is helpful for teachers and school counselors to work on students’ negative approaches and help them develop positive ones to manage the problems they’re facing due to that approach. 

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