Setting Expectations worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

The present worksheet has its roots in the Goal Theory, which specifies that successful goal achievement depends on how well individuals self-regulate their journey to obtain the goal (Oettingen et al., 2001).

How will the worksheet help

This set of exercises is destined to help clients in the process of setting goals. In order to set goals, it is necessary to work on expectations. 

How to use the worksheet 

An expectation is an emotional anticipation or belief that an event will most likely happen in the future. Every expectation has a hidden goal. It is necessary to clearly set expectations, to define and later reach the goals. 

Write down statements that correspond to your current expectations in the areas of relationships, workplace, and family, or state your expectations in terms of health and wealth. Avoid negative wording (e.g., I don’t expect to be ill)

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Oettingen, G., Pak, H.-j., & Schnetter, K. (2001). Self-Regulation of Goal Setting: Turning Free Fantasies About the Future Into Binding Goals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80(5), 736-753.