Sh Sounds Worksheet Speech Therapy

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What is the theory behind this Sh Sounds Worksheet Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy is concerned with identifying and treating speech related issues. It is focused on improving speech difficulties so that individuals are able to communicate effectively. This particular worksheet is to help children who are producing an ‘s’ sound instead of the ‘sh’ sound. This is a type of speech therapy called articulation therapy which focuses on the pronunciation of correct sounds. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help  children with speech difficulties to learn and practise how to pronounce the ‘sh’ sound correctly. It will also help them to differentiate the ‘sh’ sound from the ‘s’ sound which they may be otherwise using instead. 

How to use the worksheet?

Place the worksheet in front of the child. Point out the ‘s’ sound word and the ‘sh’ sound word. Show them how the two words have different sounds. Then use the given word list to practise the sounds. Instruct the child to circle the words that begin with the ‘sh’ sounds. 

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