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What is the theory behind Social Skills Worksheet BINGO?

The theory behind the social skills worksheet bingo says that every human being needs a social connection in order to survive in this world. Lack of social skills can cause disturbances in interpersonal relationships, social and occupational functioning, and overall mental health. This is the reason why we should have adequate social skills. Furthermore, researchers have also proven that a lack of social connections can cause problems like anxiety, depression and emotional dysregulation and we, therefore, put our mental and physical health at risk by avoiding social interactions. 

How will this worksheet help you? 

Social skills worksheet bingo is the best way to enhance your social skills gradually. It helps you to identify and learn the little gestures and activities that you can do to enhance your social skills and improve your functioning. Once you are learned essential social skills, you can find yourself comfortable in social situations and you will feel your connections and communication with people will improve. Social skills worksheet can also give you different ideas about what we should do when we are trying to build a positive impression on people. It can also help you form new healthy relationships and work on the existing ones. 

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is very easy to use. You just need to go through all the times once and whenever you feel ready to work on your social skills, you can just pick any activity from this social skills worksheet bingo and apply it to your daily life. You can also add new healthy activities in this bingo that you find helpful in improving your social skills. 

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