Social Skills Worksheets For Adults With Mental Illness: Mental Health Maintenance Plan

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What is the theory behind Social skills worksheets for adults with mental illness: Mental health maintenance plan?

Social skills are the basic component of our interaction with people, if we lack these skills, we fail to communicate and interact with people. This ultimately causes problems in our interpersonal relationships. Relationships are very important and life is very difficult without having people around us even if you are an introvert. People who lack social skills can avoid socialization due to criticism and it causes loneliness which leads to depression.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will be a helpful tool in identifying your problem deeply. You can first have a better understanding of the problem that you are struggling with. You can also explore your pattern of avoidance or escape in such a situation. It will help you understand how these behaviors reinforce our anxiety. Lastly, you can find new ways to overcome your anxiety and learn new social skills.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet can be helpful to identify the factors that lead to poor social interaction. You can complete it when you are free and identify the situation, factors, and triggers that cause problems. You can also write new ways to interact with people, if you are seeing any therapist, he/she can also help you with new social skills you can mention here. 

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