Socratic questioning CBT worksheet

What is the theory behind this worksheet?

The theory behind the Socratic questioning CBT worksheet is based on the idea that our cognitions can have a significant impact on our emotional and behavioural responses. The Socratic questioning technique includes a series of open-ended questions, which are designed to assist clients explore their cognitions in a structured and logical way.

How will this worksheet help?

The Socratic questioning CBT worksheet includes a series of questions, which assist clients identify their negative cognitiions examine the evidence for and against these beliefs, see any situation objectively. They can also track their progress in context of cognitive restructuring.

How to use this worksheet?

In this worksheet clients are asked questions about negative beliefs and then after answering those questions write down the new beliefs that are constructed in their mind. The therapist can act as a mentor and a guider to help the client in becoming their own therapist.

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