Speaking worksheet

What is the theory behind this Speaking worksheet pdf?

Performance anxiety includes test anxiety, writer’s block, fear around initiating sex and other performance related tasks. One of the most common complaints of performance anxiety arrives from speaking on stage in front of the public. Individuals with this problem get rapid heartbeat and breathing, dry mouth, tight throat, trembling and damp limbs, shaky voice, nausea and an uneasy sensation in the stomach leading to digestive issues while speaking on stage. The problem occurs not because of any mishappening rather anticipation of something wrong happening in the future. 

How will the worksheet help?   

The purpose of this worksheet is to help the clients in dealing with anticipatory anxiety by figuring out a solution beforehand. This worksheet will also help them in exploring their cognitive distortions that lead to stage fright.  

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, with the help of your therapist, find out what worse outcomes you’re anticipating. Then, devise strategies for all the negative predictions so that you are equipped with the solutions sooner. Read the items below and write your responses in the given space. 

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