STOPP Therapy worksheet

What is the theory behind this STOPP Therapy worksheet?

STOPP Therapy is a cognitive-behavioral approach that is often used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. The acronym “STOPP” stands for:

S: Stop

T: Take a breath

O: Observe

P: Pull back

P: Practice what works

How will the worksheet help?

The theory behind STOPP Therapy is that by learning to pause, observe, and change our thought patterns, we can reduce negative emotions and improve our mental well-being. The STOPP Therapy worksheet is a tool that helps individuals practice the STOPP technique in a structured and systematic way. 

How to use the worksheet?  

Read the instructions given in the worksheet thoroughly and write your responses. Use the STOPP technique whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or helpless. You can also use the STOPP technique when you catch yourself overthinking or spiraling. It is an easy acronym, you should be able to remember it at your fingertips after practicing a couple of times.

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