Stuttering Therapy Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this stuttering therapy worksheet?

Stuttering is a type of speech disorder in which the individual experiences more than normal prolongation, blocks, and repetitions. It is more than just inconsistencies. Stuttering can also lead to anxiousness and negative feelings about talking. It may impair your ability to communicate with others. Stuttering can be treated with a variety of interventions. These approaches may not completely alleviate the symptoms of this disorder, but they may help to improve communication skills and speech fluency.

How will the worksheet help?

Stuttering affects the social, emotional, occupational aspects. This worksheet will enable clients to participate in social, work, and school activities. It can be used with kids, teens, and adults. It can also help you deal with stuttering-related stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. This can help the person to develop coping strategies for stuttering.

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used during sessions with a therapist’s supervision. After practising this worksheet, a client can use it on their own. They begin with the least challenging situation and move to the next difficult one. 

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