Symptoms Management For Schizophrenia Worksheet

What is the theory behind this symptoms management for schizophrenia worksheet?

Schizophrenia is explained in a term of a severe mental illness in which people have an abnormal interpretation of reality. This symptom is characterised by hallucinations, disorganised thinking, behaviour, and delusions that impair a person’s daily functioning. It is a chronic condition, but symptoms can be controlled with a combination of medications and psychotherapeutic interventions.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will assist you in understanding schizophrenia and its symptoms. A person suffering from this disorder has many illogical thoughts and beliefs running through his mind; writing and providing evidence allows a person to determine whether or not it is real.

How to use the worksheet?

The therapist will provide worksheet to the client during the session. The therapist instructs the client to write down the current thoughts and beliefs that they have experienced. Then justify those thoughts and beliefs with evidence. It will help them to challenge their thinking pattern and can restructure them in a rational way.

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