Task Initiation Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Developing task initiation is one of the key elements of executive functioning. These executive functions enable us to plan, problem-solve, organize, focus, and complete tasks.Executive functions are not innate and need to be learned, sometimes they are more difficult to implement to to a neurodiversity or other condition.

Learning processes or ‘recipes’ to implement these executive functions can be helpful in making them habitual.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet offers you a process by which you can begin to implement task initiation and scheduling. This can increase your productivity, develop helpful executive functioning habits, and help you feel less overwhelmed with the work that stands in front of you.

This worksheet is a means to learn a strategy to help increase task initiation and effective working through priorization, scheduling, and engaging your senses.

How to use the worksheet.

Think of this worksheet as a recipe, you will gather your ingredients and fill in your method on the table provided. This may be difficult to start with, try not to bring self-judgment into the process. It usually gets easier the more you practice it.

Take it step by step and reward yourself once your list of tasks is complete!

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