The Pursuit of Happiness Worksheet 

What is the theory behind this The Pursuit of Happyness Worksheet?

Individuals nowadays seem to be hopeless about the future and became tired of struggling in their life. Ups and downs are part of life and hustle makes a man alive to deal with this hopeless attitude the worksheet has been designed. It has been associated with watching a movie and worksheet analyzing the concept you get from the movie and involves a short discussion and implication on life. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will facilitate your learning about the concept of happiness and struggle in life. You will get more insight into decision-making and its consequences in life. Get more learning about accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses. It will bring the concept of not giving up in life.  

How to use the worksheet?

The Worksheet can be used in printed form. It is recommended to watch the movie before filling out this worksheet. The worksheet is based on questions related to certain concepts in the movie and later the reflection on learning from the movie and its implementation 


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