Therapies Boundaries worksheet

What is the theory behind this therapies boundaries worksheet?

Setting boundaries is important for maintaining healthy relationships. Healthy limits are those that are established to ensure your emotional and mental stability. Boundaries can be rigid, loose, inconsistent, or even nonexistent. It is important to assert boundaries that are firm, but not too rigid. 

How will the worksheet help?

We could experience resentment, guilt, and exhaustion when we don’t keep up healthy emotions with other people. The worksheet will help you in identifying the things that are acceptable for you in interpersonal relations (e.g. Saying to a co-worker: I will complete the task assigned to me), however, I will not work overtime)  

How to use the worksheet?

You can use the worksheet by reading the tips given in the worksheet to maintain healthy boundaries. Later, you can identify areas in which you would like to maintain healthy boundaries and write them in the form of statements in the space provided.

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