Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Working with a wide variety of therapy frameworks that benefit individuals with ASD it is clear to see that an alternative approach to therapy must be taken. A therapist must have experience and knowledge working within the neurodiverse community and be able to shift their approach to suit you or your child. 

These approaches to therapy can be used together, for example, you may engage with OT, speech therapy, and art therapy. The combination will depend on the presentation of ASD you are dealing with.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet offers a basic guide to commonly used therapies for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to work toward achieving regulation. The guidelines include a few benefits and limitations of each therapy, as well as a place for you to record your reflections and findings.

How to use the worksheet?

Using this worksheet as a basic guideline to begin researching possible options for therapy in your area is a helpful way to begin creating a therapeutic plan. Once you meet with a variety of practitioners you can decide which ones work for you or your child. 

Remember there are more therapeutic options that you can research if you should wish to add these to your exploration.

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