Therapy Worksheet for One Year Old 

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What is the theory behind this Therapy worksheet for 1 year old?

Psychotherapy also targets infants and babies. Therapists work with infants and their caregivers to improve their little one’s sensory processing skills, muscle strength, and movement patterns in order to help the infant meet developmental milestones. Well-informed parents are more likely to raise individuals with emotional and physical needs.

How will the worksheet help?   

This worksheet provides authentic information regarding milestones up to 1 year of age. The parents will be able to detect their child’s shortcomings early on so that appropriate interventions can be provided to them as soon as possible. This will help new parents in accessing knowledge and implementing it practically.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, go through the basic milestone information from the charts below. Then, write your responses to the questions below. Ask any questions you might have with your therapist. Keep this worksheet with you for safe-keeping. Refer it to it as required.

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