Three Common Principles Of Effective Behavioral Interventions And The Relationship To Person-Centered Needs Worksheet

What is the theory behind these Three common principles of effective behavioral interventions and the relationship to person-centered needs worksheet?

Behavioral interventions are used to modify behavior from maladaptive to adaptive one. There is 3 principal of behavioral interventions where it is very essential to set achievable goals by using proper reinforcement and appreciation. If behavioral interventions use along with a person-centered approach it can provide effective results because elements of CCT like unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuineness can help clients achieve goals easily 

How will the worksheet help?

Worksheets can use to set proper goals. It will also create insight in parents about their behavior and reactions to their child’s behavior they can assess and analyze their maladaptive behavior and lack of understanding that is creating problems in their child’s behavior and their handling of that behavior reinforces it.  

How to use the worksheet?

The worksheet is designed for parents as they are the ones who can apply that principle to their children and help them enhance their behavior. First, describe goals set by clients to parents and ask them to write according to their understanding. Then ask them to describe desirable behavior later and ask them about their response on how they will react when a child shows undesirable behavior ask them how can they provide unconditional positive regard and empathy to them and explore ways to do it.

You can download this worksheet here.

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