Time management Worksheet for High School Students

What is the theory behind the Time management worksheet for High School Students?

High school students often struggle with juggling different tasks related to school, home and worl. Time management is defined as organizing and managing your tasks in a way that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency. Researches suggest that time management is highly related to academic achievements, job performance, and overall well-being. Because it is related to job and work performance, it is found that people get positive outcomes at work if they use time management strategies. 

How can this worksheet help you?

  1. This worksheet can help you in making a schedule of your routine which can ultimately help you in managing your daily tasks and effectively.
  2. By managing your tasks and activity schedule you can increase your efficiency and productivity.
  3. Time management brings positive change in your work, job, academics, and another aspect of life. 
  4. You can also list down the task that is of high and low priority to you so that you can identify what tasks to be done first and what next. 

How to use this worksheet?

  1. This worksheet is to be completed when you are free and ready to plan your schedule. 
  2. Take a hard copy of this worksheet and complete it according to your daily requirements.
  3. After completing it, paste it on a wall or somewhere you can easily look at at any time. It will help you reminding your tasks and their timing. 

You can download this worksheet here.

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