Token Economy Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Token Economy Worksheet?

Token economy is a behaviour modification technique that increases the likelihood of desirable behaviours by using a token reward system. Every time the behaviour is repeated, the individual earns a physical token, a sum of which can be exchanged later for a reward. The token can be in any form depending on the age and mental health of the individual involved. It can be particularly useful for targeting maladaptive behaviour or increasing positive behaviours in children and adolescents. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help parents and teachers use the token economy system with young kids. Its simple template can be easily understood by young kids and watching the ‘tokens’ or ‘stars’ being added to it along with the expected rewards will give them the motivation they need to repeat the desired behaviour. 

How to use the worksheet?

Place the worksheet where it is easily visible to the young child. Make sure they understand which behaviour can earn them a token. Also, discuss with them and write down the rewards they can expect at the end. Draw or paste a star in the empty box whenever the child performs the behaviour and keep reminding them of how many stars they need to get their reward. 

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