Trust Building Worksheet for Couples

What is the theory behind this Trust Building Worksheet for Couples? 

Trust is an essential key to forming a healthy relationship. It has been observed that people are having trust issues in relationships and they are unable to communicate with partner and this lack of communication creates a gap in their romantic relationship. The worksheet has been designed for individuals who are willing to work together to improve their relationship. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help couples improve communication and build trust in each other. It will help them address their interpersonal issues. They will be able to plan and make goals for healthy relationships.    

How to use the worksheet?

The individual will first answer some open-ended questions about the relationship and rate their trust score to get an idea of current level of trust. Later they are suggested to write a note where they will communicate about their concerns and reason of having mistrust. Then they are requested to do a cost benefit analysis for assessment of impact of having mistrust. Lastly they are requested to name some goals for the betterment of relationship in future 

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