Violence at School Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Violence at School Worksheet?

School-going children are often found to be victims of physical, emotional, and psychological violence. This violence seems to be mostly done by their peers. It is very important and essential to educate our children about school-related violence and its associated impact on them. Kids are sensitive and mostly hide things from their parents for fear of being scolded by them. The current worksheet has been designed to identify and psychoeducate kids about school-related violence and possible steps to take when encountering it. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help kids be more aware of such societal issues and they can prevent themselves by taking measures at a very initial time period before building a trauma. The Worksheet will help kids understand the types of violence and will help them identify if they have gone through any of them. It will also provide basic knowledge to kids about measures they should take when encountering any kind of violence. 

How to use the worksheet?

The worksheet has been designed especially for school-going kids. Therapists can use this worksheet to help suspected victims of violence and the worksheet can also be used for the purpose of awareness and psychoeducation. Part A of the worksheet consists of psychoeducation where a child has to read the characteristics of individuals and label them as good or bad human beings. Later therapists should educate about types of violence. Part B includes an assessment where children will assess if they go through such violence or how they will deal. 

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